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Center of Excellence for housings

Originally Aeronamic produced the larger size (over 10”) housings for its OEM systems. In 2010 we launched a facility in Sibíu, Romania where machined castings and hog-outs up to a diameter of 10” are produced on combined 5-axis milling machines that have a turning capability on the 5th axis.

This makes it possible to machine parts in just two set ups. Integrated large tool cabinets and zero point fixtures enable part production in small batches less influenced by human interference, guaranteeing high quality levels.

The Center of Excellence was completed by adding the special processes, FPI and Chemical treatments (Chromatizing, Anodizing type II and III, passivation). Today all parts are fully produced in-house in a lead time of less than 2 weeks. We have full in-process control. Parts are measured in the process on programmable CMM’s.

Subsequently an identical roll-out occurred in The Netherlands by means of a fully robotized machine cell. The cell consists of two 5-axis machines with turning capability on the 5th axis. Machined castings and hog-outs up to a diameter of 25″ are produced in a similar way as the smaller housings in Romania. For completion parts are sent to Romania for the FPI, surface treatments and assembly of small parts.

Aeronamic is in full control of the entire process, starting with 3D modeling in NX, programming machines and measuring devices up to final assembly of parts. A special engineering service we offer is converting a part made from a casting into a part made from bar or plate (hog-out).


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