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Originally the manufacturing of titanium Turbine Wheels (Rotors) and Impellers was exclusively performed for Aeronamic’s OEM systems. In 2007 the decision was made to further exploit this capability and turn it into a Center of Excellence. Machining in small series was realized by means of standardization, zero point fixtures and robotized loading. Insourcing of all special processes made it possible to realize ultra short lead times required to meet the growing and fluctuating demand. Parts are measured in the process on programmable CMM’s.

Today Aeronamic produces the majority of the Turbine Wheels / Rotors (over 2500 annually) for the world’s largest manufacturers of Air Turbine Starters for most aircraft platforms.

Titanium Impellers are being produced for the OEM Load Compressors. Furthermore a large number (over 2000 annually) of aluminum Impellers for the B787 Dreamliner are manufactured in our lean and dedicated work cell.


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