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Solar Team Twente reveals new RED Shift solar car

Solar Team Twente revealed their new solar car, named Red Shift, on the 23rd of June at Twenthe Airport. With this car they will participate in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge this October. This edition’s car is half a meter narrower than its predecessor, RED One, the car which came in at a second place in Australia after an exciting race in 2015. The, always innovative team, also revealed one of her greatest weapons in this edition: SABINE 2.0.Solar Team Twente reveals new solar car

“Our strength lies in our will to innovate and improve. By optimizing the different technologies within the car we have been able to build the world’s best solar car.”, says Olivier Berghuis, Team Manager at Solar Team Twente.

The competition
That last editions race was an exciting one is apparent from the blood-curdling final result. Solar Team Twente only came three minutes short for the first place. “Competition with the other teams is what stimulates us to do what we do best: innovate. Based on our own strength we develop techniques which pose a solution to the visible consequences of environmental pollution and globalization. Winning the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is only one of the many challenges we take on with the team.”, says Olivier Berghuis, Team Manager at Solar Team Twente.

A secret weapon
SABINE 2.0 is one of the greatest innovations in RED Shift. SABINE 2.0 is an electronic component in the car which improves the efficiency of the solar-income in the solar panel. In 2015 the team finished half an hour earlier, thanks to SABINE. “SABINE is back. She has been given a total makeover and has become twice as efficient. We expect SABINE 2.0 to save us one hour of racing time”, says Lars Klein, Technical Manager and Race leader.

SABINE 2.0 is not the sole responsible for the expected time gain. “SABINE 2.0 is aided by two other state-of-the-art electrical innovations within the car, a golden combination.”, says Klein. The team claims that the three innovations make driving electric vehicles a lot more efficient. “This improvement in the efficiency of the electrical system brings us one step closer to sustainable mobility all over the world”, ensures Klein. The details of these innovations will be announced later on by the team.

Half a meter narrower
Another significant change to the car compared to RED One is that the car’s width has been reduced with half a meter. This change comes forth from the changes in regulations posed by the organization. The maximum allowed surface area of the solar panel has been reduced from 6m2 to 4m2. Besides this change the team expects that the gains of this design will come from the smaller design changes. An example is that the solar panel has shifted forward in relation to the wheels.

Shift of an era
The name RED Shift stands for the shift of an era which the team wants to create. “It is our ambition to contribute to a liveable world where fossil fuels are replaced by sustainable systems”, says Gearte Nynke Noteboom, communication manager. The name of the car was chosen through the ‘NameOurCar’ action, where the student team from Twente gave her fans the unique opportunity to contribute to the new solar car. Lourens Lenssen from Oosterwolde submitted the winning name and, as winner, was allowed a lap in the car.

Bridgestone World Solar Challenge
October 8th of 2017 Solar Team Twente will start at the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, the prestigious race for solar powered cars. Together with more than 50 other international teams, Solar Team Twente will drive their solar car 3000 kilometers through the Australian outback. The race is divided in three different classes. The solarteam from Twente participates in the Challenger Class, the Formula 1 of solar car racing.

Solar Team Twente and Aeronamic
Solar Team Twente consists of nineteen students of the University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied Sciences. By sponsoring the Solar Team Twente, Aeronamic emphasizes the importance of investing in innovation, education and students and future ‘greener’ means of transport and energy resources, a seamless match with Aeronamic’s mission for the future.

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